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Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

by Mohini Sharma 03-May-19

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HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a standard protocol used to view/retrieve webpages. web browser make use of this protocol for web-server and client interaction. This permit virtually delivery of documents like images, videos, and text-related files.

The http protocol works on application layer and its default port no is 80. It make use of structured hypertext to establish a logical connection between nodes.

How communication occurs with HTTP

Client-server interactions are done through request and response i.e. A browser transmit a HTTP request to web server. After receiving a request, the server start executing an application to process that request and return a response as an output to the client (browser).

For example, when we enter a URL i.e. ( in our browser then an HTTP command is sent to server to fetch the requested webpage.

HTTP status codes:

Http status code is a response code that web server display which can be beneficial for users to identify the reason of the problem.

404 error:

It is a not found error

502 error:

It is a bad gateway error

HTTP Features

a) HTTP is stateless, connection less and media independent protocol
b) It outlines how messages are formatted
c) It is not a connection-oriented
d) It does not require runtime support

Methods included in HTTP:


Why HTTP need security?

HTTP permits web browser to receive and transmit information across internet. This information is transmitted in a plain text, which can be easily monitored by hackers.

It need to be secured by SSL certificate to maintain privacy and to enhance security to protect websites from hackers.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPs

Port No. is 80
Port No. is 443
Operates on application layer
Operates on transport layer
URL begin with http://
URL begins with https://
Not secured
Plain text information is passed across internet
Encrypted information is passed across internet


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