What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP) | How works FTP

What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


File Transfer Protocol (FTP), is a protocol through which we can upload files from computers to a website/server or download files to computer from website/server. For run the FTP, we require 3 things:

  • Host IP
  • Username
  • Password

Almost, Username and Password is same as cPanel Username and Password.

How it works:

Download Link of FileZilla Software - https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client

FTP is very easy way to transfer the files between computers via the internet. FTP basically runs on port no 21 as default. Transfer files from a computer to a server is called "uploading" and transfer from a server to computer is called "downloading".

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FTP may run in active or passive mode, which determines how the data connection is established. Client creates a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) control connection from a random, usually an unprivileged, port N to the FTP server command port 21.

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