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Real Simple Syndication (RSS)

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Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is the term used to allude to the assortment of Web channel organizes that give refreshed or shared data in a simple manner. The data could be a site or blog section, news features, sound, and video records. RSS data contain total or summed up content, metadata, and creator and distributing data.

RSS channels advantage the two distributers and users since they coop work consequently in a configuration that can be conveniently reached and seen by various applications.

RSS History

RSS was developed in 1995 by Ramanathan V. Guha as a meta content framework. It was launched in July 1999 for public use.

RSS Feeds - A New Digital Trend

Variants of RSS

RSS has two main variants:

  • RDF (or RSS 1. *)
  • RSS 2. *

Advantages of Real Simple Syndication (RSS)

  • Keep you updated with the latest news
  • Gives you a choice to subscribe and unsubscribe to any website
  • Saves users browsing time on the internet by providing what they are looking for
  • It protects you from all the spam
  • A most convenient way to subscribe or unsubscribe any website. Hassle-free
  • Can easily be used as both an advertising and marketing platform without any spamming to use

Disadvantages of Real Simple Syndication (RSS)

  • In certain case, people prefer Emails over RSS feed
  • Limited option for graphic and photos in RSS feed
  • It's hard to identify website URL on RSS feed
  • RSS feed only provides limited information about the topic
  • As of now, not all websites have RSS feed
  • Can overload the website server with higher traffic demand

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