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AJAX Introduction


Abbreviation of AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is neither a programming language nor a framework/tool. It is a client scripting language in which there is an implementation of javascript for dynamically web server connection. The main concept around Ajax is "One can easily load data without refreshing complete page" due to javascript methods association.

A technology that permits sending requests by websites to the web server asynchronously.

Exchanging data to/from the web server without the need of refreshing page

Why we use AJAX
It is an impressive technology applicable for formulating fast and interactive web applications via scripting languages such as XML, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Some parts of the website can be easily updated without reloading the complete page.

Applications of AJAX
a) Websites at the time of data fetching such as contact forms, calendar integration in websites, drop down menus etc.
b) Google Map
c) Social Media Chats
d) Emails
e) Google Suggest

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