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Compact Disc (CD)

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Compact Disc or CD is a digital optical data storage format, which is circular in shape with a hole in the center.

Compact Disc was co-created by Phillips and Sony Corporation in 1982.

The predecessor of Compact Disc

Floppy disc was the predecessor of Compact Disc

Description of Compact Disc

CD has a standard measurement of 120 millimeters in diameter and 1.2 millimeters in thickness, the general weight of Compact Disc is between 15g to 20g, the storage capacity of CD is 650 MB to 700 MB or 80 minutes of audio.

Compact disc variations

  • CD ROM: CD ROM was launched in 1985, it was the first time when it recorded optical data other than audio, CD ROM was the first to read by any computer with a CD ROM drive.
  • CD-interactive: It was commonly known as CD-i and was launched in 1993. In the beginning, it can only be read by a CD player and not by CD ROM, But later it was modified to be read by both CD player and CD ROM.
  • CD-Re-writable: It was the first version of the CD that can be rewritable. It uses a different reflective metal alloy which made it rewritable, but it was not readable by most CD players.
  • CD-Recordable: It is commonly known as CD-R, It was a disc that can be written once and can be read many times. It was like CD-RW in the most way but unlike CD-RW it can be easily read in most CD players launched before its invention.
  • CD-ROM eXtended Architecture: It is commonly known as CD-ROM XA. It was a further extension of CD ROM, It can be used to access all audio, video, and computer data at the same time. It was used to create a bridge between both CD ROM and CD-i.
  • Photo CD: It was created by KODAK in 1992, the main purpose of the photo CD was to store photos on the digital platform, with the intention to store and easy editing on the computer. It has an initial storage capacity of 100 high definition pictures at once.
  • Video CD: It was created in 1993 and commonly known as VCD, it was created with a purpose to store the video files with better quality than VHS. But still lower than the modern digital video device or commonly known as DVD.

Pros of Compact Disc

  • Small and portable
  • Not too expensive
  • Faster to assess data

Cons of Compact Disc

  • Easy to get scratch
  • Small data storage size
  • Slower to access data than DVD


DVD is the successor of Compact Disc.

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