Google Selects SpaceChain into Its Startups Program

Google Selects SpaceChain into Its Startups Program

by Sayani

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A Google for Startup's acceptance was just announced by SpaceChain. To assist early-stage businesses like SpaceChain establish a foundation for long-term success, Google has created a program to achieve just that. SpaceChain's leadership in data and transactional integrity with space infrastructure will be bolstered by participation in the Google for Startups program.

SpaceChain can use Google's resources to investigate more complex processing applications aboard LEO spacecraft systems and future payload deployments.

SpaceChain CEO Cliff Beek explains that the company will be able to securely provide its clients with many infrastructure and resources thanks to Google for Startups. This will help the company to expand its workforce and operations to satisfy the growing demand for space-based blockchain developments. 

The Google for Startups program and resources will assist SpaceChain in speeding up the adoption of cutting-edge transactional protocols through space as it moves into mobile communications protocols for satellite service providers. In particular, SpaceChain's work on Web3 apps enables mobile device integration with satellite communications.

To better serve the demands of forward-thinking businesses that want to use space as a platform for business innovation, SpaceChain will be able to generate sustainable development and expand internationally effectively.

SpaceChain is working on expanding its product catalog and unique offerings to meet the varying demands of a wide range of industries and consumers. These include blockchain space mission design and management, cloud computation solutions, decentralized satellite infrastructure and applications, and mobile communications protocols for satellites, among other things.

Concerning SpaceChain

As the first satellite platform to provide safekeeping for digital assets, conduct digital transactions, implement smart contracts, and support Decentralized Financial Infrastructure ("DFI") on space nodes, SpaceChain was launched at the tail end of 2017. To promote blockchain applications in space, SpaceChain plans to integrate software-defined payloads, which will provide enhanced security and worldwide access.

There are now nodes in SpaceChain's network running on satellites and the ISS. With proven commercial and operational success in executing space missions, SpaceChain is poised to seize the opportunity for massive expansion and wealth creation.


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