Whatsapp Allows Users to Log In from Numerous Devices Using the Same Account

Whatsapp Allows Users to Log In from Numerous Devices Using the Same Account

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As of the final quarter of 2022, over two billion dollars individuals were using WhatsApp. While you were only able to link one phone to the account you have, WhatsApp's multi-device mode made it possible to use the app on all of your gadgets.

Meta published a version of WhatsApp in April 2023 featuring companion mode for multiple phones.

Multiple Devices can now Share the Same WhatsApp Account

  • The WhatsApp app no longer limits its users to a single device. The Meta-owned messaging app has announced today that it will soon enable multiple smart phones as part of its multi-device functionality. Previously, this function allowed you to view and send messages from extra Android tablets, browsers, or PCs in addition to your primary phone.
  • After a new installation of WhatsApp, a second phone can be linked to an existing account for use. In place of the standard "enter phone number" setup and login process, a new "link to existing account" option is now available. The principal WhatsApp phone may scan the QR code using the "link a device" function.
  • WhatsApp is advertising the function as a helpful tool for small companies that want several workers to be able to use the same company number to send and get messages from their phones. However, it should be helpful for those who need to link multiple smartphones to a single WhatsApp account.

Follow These Steps to Pair Two Phones on WhatsApp

  • There are some methods for this, and Meta has promised to roll out many more ways to link more hardware. The OTP received on the primary device must be entered after the phone number has been entered on the secondary device. Another device may be added similarly by scanning the original device's code.
  • Users may create a WhatsApp account on Android or iOS and link a secondary phone running the same operating system. In the following weeks, the update should be available for all devices, as verified by Meta.

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