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by Pooja Khurana 07-Nov-18

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A verb is a word used to tell us about some person or thing.

The verb may tell us:

1) What a person or thing does;
e.g. Sahil sleeps.

2) What is done to a person or things;
e.g. Alisha is punished.

3) What a person or thing is;
e.g. The dog is dead.

Types of Verbs:

1) Action Verbs

Transitive Verbs: Transitive verbs are activity verbs that constantly express feasible exercises. These verbs dependably have coordinate items, which means somebody or something gets the activity of the verb.

e.g. The boy picked the stone.

Intransitive Verbs: Intransitive verbs are activity verbs that constantly express possible exercises. No immediate question takes after an intransitive verb.

The baby plays.

2) Auxiliary Verbs:

Auxiliary Verbs are helping verbs, and are utilized together with a primary verb to demonstrate the verb’s tense. Verbs like is,are,am, was, were, will, be, do, have.

e.g. People were shouting.

3) Dynamic and Stative Verbs

Dynamic Verbs: A verb essentially used to demonstrate a procedure, an activity or a sensation as opposed to a state.

Sheenu is driving car.

Stative verbs
: Verbs that express a state instead of an activity. They more often than not identify with musings, feelings, connections, detects, conditions of being and estimations.

e.g. She feels happy today.

4) Finite and Non-Finite Verbs

Finite Verbs: A verb that concurs with a given subject in a sentence. It is generally set apart for Present and past tense.

e.g. Rita eats rice.

Non- Finite Verbs: A verb that has no qualification in various tense. It can't be utilized unaccompanied as the primary verb in a sentence.

e.g. Rahul is working hard.

5) Regular and Irregular Verbs

Regular Verbs: A verb whose past participle and past tense is achieved by including –d or –ed. These verbs don't experience generous changes while changing structures between tenses. These are also known as Weak Verbs.


Shout >> Shouted
Book >> Booked
Fail >> Failed
Drown >> Drowned

Irregular Verbs: Those verbs that experience generous changes when changing structures between tenses are sporadic verbs. The changed types of these verbs are regularly unrecognizable not quite the same as the firsts. These are also known as Strong Verbs.


Go >> Went
Say >> Said
Come >> Came
Buy >> Bought
Catch >> Caught

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