Group Discussion

Group Discussion

by Pooja Khurana 26-Nov-16

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We can say G.D. as a short form of "Group Discussion".  Group Discussion! Is a philosophy or in a straightforward dialect you may call it a meeting procedure or a gathering movement. It is utilized as one of the best apparatuses to choose the planned applicants in a relative point of view.

GD might be utilized by a questioner at an association, universities or even at various sorts of administration rivalries. Up to now we have done so many rules of grammar. We all are able to do G.D. in English. We can discuss any kind of topic in G.D.

Group discussion can be done in 2 persons or so many persons. So for doing G.D. we need minimum 2 persons. By discussing with each other in English, We can enhance our speaking skills. A GD is a strategy utilized by an association to age whether the hopeful has certain identity attributes or potentially abilities that it craves in its individuals. In this procedure, the gathering of competitors is given a point or a circumstance, given a couple of minutes to consider the same, and afterward requested that examine the subject among themselves for 15-20 minutes.

Because we will get so many replies from different people and we will express our views also towards other person. GD assessment is finished by the subject specialists in light of the discourses. A report will be set up on breaking down the actualities toward the end of the talk. So there are some points which are important to do a good and beneficial G.D. Like How to start a G.D. We should use what sentence in G.D. etc. So, by keeping in views these following points, we can do a good G.D.


1. You must have an early entry.
2. An Early entry is an advantage.
3. Sit with a straight and sure stance.
4. Your voice must be clear and articulated.
5. Look for an opportunity to speak about anything and wherever you get it just avail it.
6. You should be enthusiastic about the topic.
7. Be confident yet modest. You have to adhere to your qualities and convictions, yet figure out how to regard the qualities and sentiments of others as well.
8. Make an eye contact with every one of the members. It makes more space for discussion. 
9. You should always be all ears in G.D.
10. Be positive and set up your considerations well.
11. Think well before you talk. You are being heard and judged upon.
12. When raising a protest to a point kept by another speaker, back it up with a strong motivation to get the point over.
13. Use quotes, statistical data points, articulations, regular daily existence cases to express an unmistakable chain of considerations. Likewise it may leave a decent impact on the analyst and help you score well.


1. Never give borrowed idea.
2. Never repeat your idea.
3. Never loose your temper.
4. Don't be pompous.
5. Never dominate the G.D.
6. Never give any conclusion.

We should start G.D. by saying this:

a) Well Friends, the topic which is given to us is such a nice/important/good/healthy topic from the point of view.

We should use the following things while doing G.D.:

a) As far as my knowledge is concerned.
b) If you are agreeing with somebody a little bit on any point then you can say - upto some extent I am agree with you.
c) If you are fully agree with somebody then you can say - I whole heartedly agree with my friend.
d) In Last we should summarize the G.D. for this we can say;' Now I would like to summarize the G.D. 
e) As far as conclusion is concerned/discussion is concerned/I am concerned/ my knowledge is concerned/our views are concerned.
f) Well Friends! We had such a healthy discussion on the topic was given to us and accelerating towards the conclusion.
g) What is the problem? Get knowledge about it.

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