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Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution (Windows)

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Window stands for Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution i.e. an operating system that acts as an interface between users and system. Entire computer devices including Smartphone, Router, laptop, desktop used operating systems.

There are different types of operating systems available such as UNIX, LINUX, WINDOWS and many more.

Among these operating systems, Windows were created by Microsoft Inc. Windows are generally used for any personal computer. Windows are mainly designed to provide GUI (Graphic user interface).

All operations on PC such as manipulation and coordination are done by a window.

Functions of Window

  • It provides entire interactions between software and hardware on the system
  • It Performs Hardware and Software Diagnosis
  • Memory Allocation
  • Resource Management
  • Multitasking
  • Manage Data Storage

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History of Windows

MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System)

* Designed for IBM personal computers

* Required command type to use this OS

* No icons

Windows 1.0

* Need not only typing but one can easily point boxes

* Permits selection as well as click boxes

Windows 2.0
Improvement in visual features such as keyboard shortcuts, icons, and graphic supports
1990 - 1994
Windows 3.0/3.1

* 16-bit color support

* Advanced supports including file manager

* Initial point for computer gaming

Windows 95

* Special Software's were started designing on this particular OS for fast accessing

* Plug-in play support

* Works on 32 bit architecture

* Heavy resources were started through this windows

Windows 98
Advanced technologies were introduced i.e. AGP, FAT32, MMX, USB, ACP, and DVD. Internet Explorer
Windows ME - Millennium Edition
"Boot in DOS" option was removed
Windows NT 3.1 - 4.0

* 32-bit operating system

* preemptive multitasking

Windows 2000

* Designed for business desktop and laptop systems

* Permits both internet and intranet sites access


* A stable and reliable environment

* Built-in CD burner

* Remote desktop

* Device driver rollback

* Device support improvement

Windows Vista

* Snipping tool

* Projector display

* LAN/Wi-Fi

* Windows explorer libraries and favorites

Windows 7
Improved performance and start-up-time of window
Windows 8

* Was designed for an objective of the touch screen, improved startup

* Start screen appearance improved with live tiles

Windows 10

* Microsoft new browser

* Quick start-up

* Microsoft edge

Major features of reliable Windows:

  • Interactive package for ensuring user and computer interaction
  • Menu-Driven package to assure user flexibility
  • Multi-tasking package for shifting one package from another
  • Program manager for coordination and process manipulation

The appearance of a Windows:

The window usually comprises of some major icons that are mentioned below:

  • Internet Explorer
  • My computer
  • Network
  • Recycle bin
  • Status bar
  • Start button
  • Task bar
  • Notification area
  • and many additional icons

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