English Revolution and Seven Year Global War

English Revolution and Seven Year Global War

by Devender

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  • The English Revolution started in 1642 and ended in 1651 while the global war started in 1754 and ended in 1763.
  • We will be discussing both one by one.

    The English Revolution

    There were battles for majority rules system contrary to the standard of Total Government in Britain. The English civil war (1642-51) was battled between the Parliamentarians and the supportive of Government Traditionalists.

    The Parliamentarians were contrary to the total principle of Lord Charles I who had confidence in the Heavenly Right of the Ruler to run the show. They went against the levy of tax by the Ruler without the assent of Parliament.

    The outcomes of it are as follow:

  • Execution of the King
  • End of monopoly of England church over Christian worshippers.
  • New establishment in which King cannot rule without the consent of government.
  • Another revolution that took place in England was the Glorious Revolution.

  • The Glorious Revolution

It started in the year 1688. It legally established the Supremacy of Parliament over King. During this revolution, the parliament appointed the king for the first time.

The king was removed and his son-in-law, William was made king. So, England transition from kings supremacy to democracy took place during this revolution.

Seven Year Global War

The global war was fought between France and Britain for 9 years but the name suggests otherwise. Many other European powers like Spain, Germany and Austria also engaged in the war.

It was called global war because it was fought on many different battlegrounds like north America, Europe, India, Caribbean, and Africa for one main reason to hold power over colonies between Britain and France.

Britain had 13 colonies in America and wanted to expand more to get more raw material and expand the export market.

French also had hold on America and they didn't want to give it up. The Britain was undergoing industrial revolution during that time period and hence the value of British goods were increasing in the world markets. French were afraid that if Britain gets hold of America, they will also take over France other colonies in Africa.

They were correct and in Caribbean the English battled against Spain and France who controlled the exploitative sugar estates in their Caribbean provinces. The West African Senegal had enormous natural resources, particularly of Gum, and the French exchanging ports here, went under the English assault.

In 1760-61 the Clash of Wandiwash between the French and the English set up the English supremacy quality in South India while the French were confined to Pondicherry.

The global war resulted in the treaty of Paris which was signed in 1763. These were the clauses of the treaty:

  • Britain took Canada from France and Florida from Spain
  • France was allowed to retain its Caribbean sugar islands
  • Spain's control over Cuba and Philippines was recognized

The global war also had impact over the politics of the world. The domination of France was over and Britain had colonial powers. It also laid the ground for the American Revolution and the French revolution.

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