by Pooja Khurana

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A word that is utilized to join words, expressions or sentences is called conjunction.

For Instance:

Ram and Sham are good in studies.
Either he is insensible or he putting on a show to be an oblivious.

Vital truths:

1) A conjunction never associated with an object.
2) A conjunction never qualifies a word.
Sorts of conjunctions

1) Co-ordinating Conjunctions
2) Subordinating Conjunctions

1) Co-ordinating Conjunctions: These conjunctions join words, expressions or provisions of co-ordinates rank.

For Instance:

He is diligent as well as you.

It is further isolated into 4 sorts:  

a) Cumulative Conjunctions: These kinds of conjunctions add one proclamation or reality to another. Like are_and, both_and, as well as, not only_but also.

For Instance:

He is con artist, as well as tricky.

b) Adversative Conjunctions: These conjunctions express resistance or difference between two proclamations. Like but, Whereas, While, only and still.

For Instance:

He is only individual who is remaining with me.

c) Alternative Conjunctions: These conjunctions express decision between two. like else, Either_or, neither_nor.

For Instance:

Buckle down, else you will fall flat.

d) Illative Conjunction: Conjunction which express a derivation.

For Instance:

He will pass on someday, for all men are mortal.

2) Subordinating Conjunctions: These conjunctions used to join dependent clause to main clause. Conjunctions like: When, Where, Since, While, As, Before, Until, Till, Wherever, because, lest, that, if, unless, whether, than, after, although, as long as, so that, before etc.

For Instance:

1) He was so tired that he could scarcely stand.
2) John is as intelligent as Stephen.
3) You cannot succeed unless you work hard.
4) I am glad that you like it.
5) Strike the iron while it is hot.
6) Either Stephen or John has done this.
7) Although he is poor yet he is honest
8) Work hard lest you should fail.
9) As long as I am here, there will be no issues regarding anything.
10) I will be a winner if I run fast.

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