How to Double Your Social Media Traffic?

How to Double Your Social Media Traffic?

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The importance of social media has increased dramatically in today's world. It has become more than what it was invented for and has transformed into a platform that is ideal enough to promote business and get customers.

The trend of social media is not new, and from the past decade, it has taken an important place in our lives. From sharing ideas to meeting new people and now advertising about products or anything, social media has become a master of everything. Today our lives have delved so deeper in social media and thinking of living without it would be an impossible thing.

With the increasing popularity of social media, it has to give a great platform to the business-oriented people and owners to advertise their business because when the 80% of the population is active, you are likely to get more traffic.

But, if you are already present in social media, but it doesn't affect your business anyway, then there is something you must be lacking at. Today, we are here to tell you that how can you get more social media traffic.

We are enlisting below a few ways through which you can get more social media traffic.

a) High Conversion keywords

As now, there are different social media sites in the presence and each work on its own according to the g to different algorithms. You need to insert the right sort of keyword for different social media sites, and certain keywords work on one side than it does on others. Study the feature of the sites and then implement the keywords correctly.

Here, we are sharing a few basic features of the major social media sites. It will help you in placing the right keywords in the right place.

  • Facebook: Make sure you place keywords that include Where, Inspire, Warns, Discount, Deals, When, and etc.
  • Twitter: Insert keywords that have ReTweet, Social Media, Follow, Check-Out, Help, New Blog Post, and etc.
  • LinkedIn: Insert keywords that include Created, Developed, Reduced, Increased, Researched, Improved, and etc.

b) Hashtags

Hashtags are the new trend that is being used on almost every social media platform, but it is more than just a trend. Hashtags help you connect with more audience, and they go beyond your friend list and followers. They even help you be a part of charts, trends, discussion, and a lot more.

When you use 4 or 5 hashtags per post, it increases the availability of your post and helps your post reach a great number of audiences.

c) Use of Visual Content

Content is the king! We have heard it countless times, but today, visual content is ruling over the internet, precisely the social media sites. So, make sure that with the written contents of your social media sites, you are using visual contents as well.

These days, the majority of people don't actually like to invest their time in reading the entire content. So, a single short video can do a lot and increase the rate of the traffic you are receiving.

How to create Content for your Social Media

d) Use Concise Updates

Myth or assumption, whatever it is, but concise updates work. People using social media sites probably don't have much time to invest in along post. So, when you use a short and concise post, people can read it while scrolling, and you certainly will get into the eyes of readers and they might get interested in your post.

So, with these few ways implemented in the right way, you certainly will increase social media traffic.

There are a lot more ways to increase traffic, but these are the best researched and worked ones.

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