5 Quick Tips to Write More Clickable Blog Post Headline

5 Quick Tips to Write More Clickable Blog Post Headline

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The internet is flooded with millions of blogs these days, and many of them are earning very good out of it. The idea of earning and getting successful from blogging has made many try their hands on it, but at the end of the day, there are very few who get successful.

Have you ever tried to wonder that what is in their blog post that you don't have despite the fact that your writing is style is far better than many of your competitors?

You know, apart from your writing skills and selection of words, there are many other factors that equally are responsible for the amazing and more clickable blog post, and the first thing that grabs the attention of the blog post is its headline.

Many times, in fact, most of the time, you too have clicked the blog post after reading its headline. So, this is the high time that you should know the skills of writing more clickable blog post headlines, and many of them are discussed right here. Check them out!

1 Use of Digits in Your Posts

A survey made recently has asserted that the posts that contain digits or numbers in its headlines grab more eyes and are more clicked than other articles with plain words. There is also a reason for this. When words and digits are used together in a post, it draws more attention to "10 most haunted places" or something similar.

So, the next time when you will be writing a post, make sure to use a digit if possible.

2 Give the Gist of the Entire Post in the Headline

Many times, people click posts that are very clear with their motive like when you are talking about the benefit, make it very evident in the headline, so that the reader will know that what they will be getting after reading the post.

Make sure to be very specific with the title and the content.

3 Display the Data in the Headline

Not every post you read these is data specified, and rarely there are posts that contain data in the headlines, and when it does, it ultimately becomes the more clickable posts.

So, if you are making it a regular habit, try to write posts that contain data at least once a week or twice in a month. It will also make your blog receive more audience.

4 Write Multiple Headlines

When you are writing a post, and then try to think of various headlines and to the maximum limit. At the end of the completion of the article, your brain can produce more headlines because it knows all the perspective of the post.

When you write more headlines, you will have more options, and then you can select the best of them.

5 Short and Concise

Never use long headlines for your article and always be precise and short with the headlines. The longer the headline, the lesser the view will b. The long headlines often bore the readers even at the very first sight of the post.

So, these are some of the factors that can help you with writing the best and more clickable blog posts headline. Try them yourself and see the drastic difference of the click in comparison with your other posts where you haven't implemented all these factors.

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