Difference Between SEO and SMO

Difference Between Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization

by Gagan Gaba

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For a successful business, one need to understand and analyze every aspect and today with the world getting more inclined towards the technology and the internet, it has become important to understand the diverse factors that can benefit your business in many ways.

SEO and SMO are those two important factors of the internet marketing that can boast your business to such an extent that it can soon get on the top of the list, But, for that you need to apply the techniques related to both these area and for that you need to understand the basic and necessary differences between these two. Today, we are taking an initiative to make you familiar with these two terms and their importance.

What is SEO?
SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization is the set of practices that is done to make your website reach mass number of internet users. It helps the website gather more traffic and gets better positions in the search engine results. It mainly focuses on the search engine and the web crawlers.

What is SMO?
SMO otherwise known as Social Media Optimization is focused mainly on the social media networks and consist of practices that help your company's name get popular among the social media users. As in today's time social media sites have become an important platform for the millions of companies to gather people, it is important for every individual company to get itself acquainted with the SMO practices.

Although both SEO and SMO tend to achieve the same goal that is to make the brand popular, both work differently.


a) SEO is mainly based on keywords that are searched by the people to hire specific services and buying goods whereas
b) SEO is used to search different set of keywords, video search, image search, news search and others in search engines.
c) To perform SEO practices, one needs an expert with sufficient knowledge.


a) SMO helps in getting the name of the company recognized.
b) SMO uses social media communities, outlets, Blogging, website, and others to promote the business on Social Media Sites.
c) SMO can be done by anyone having knowledge of accessing social media sites and networks.
d) These are some of the major differences between SEO and SMO. However, both of them are important for the company and its promotion.

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