How Search Engine work

How Search Engine work

by Gagan Gaba

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Undoubtedly, search engines today have eased our pain to a great extent and we can find anything and every sort of information by typing our query on Search engines. But, how many of us ever gave a thought of how search engine works? How do they manage to come up with relevant information in a few seconds and display a long list of web links on the page?

Well, this is something very interesting and required to know if you own a website and putting all your effort to enhance the ranking of your web page in the search engine's result.

So, today we will just throw the light on how the search engine works.

Search engines have their own way of searching through the web and displaying the results. They too work in steps on which they work.

Crawling and Indexing

Have you ever thought that how did Google come over with more than 30 million of web pages. Well, right from its launch, Google has been crawling the entire web, going page by page, and they do this with software named "crawler" otherwise known as a robot, or Spider. This software used by Google is known as Googlebot, Bing has Bingbot, and Yahoo has Slurp. You can see Search Engine Work Theory

While crawling the web, if bot finds a page, it at the very first place, gathers all information about the page like the HTML code, textual contents and how the page is linked and the pages it is linked with. The information is further stored and indexed in the data centers. The index further organizes the information telling the search engines' algorithm from where it can find the relevant information to the query searched.

Search Engine Results

Then comes the second step and that how a search engine comes up with the results. Well, the displaying of the results is closely connected to the algorithm of the search engine. The algorithm works on displaying the most relevant information from its directories on an unimaginable speed to display it to the humans.

Apart from the algorithms, there are many things that determine to display your web page on the search engine engines result. Your content creates a contextual relevancy and how they are used in the pages and to which they are linked to, everything is interconnected.

So, after you know that how the search engine works, make sure to follow all the necessary things that can help you get into the list of search engine algorithms.

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