Importance of Blog in SEO

Importance of Blog in SEO

by Gagan Gaba

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The world of the online marketing and the internet is evolving on a daily basis and it many times create a problem for the webmasters to sustain their visibility and name in the search engine displayed results.

SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization is an important factor that helps building the website of the company and driving more potential customers to it. But, along with the practices of SEO, there are many things that help the company build the reputation amongst the customers. Blog writing and submission play a crucial role in advertising your company and not just attracts the visitors but also attracts the Search Engine. But, before you come to any conclusion, it is important to know what blog submission is and what are the advantages associated with it.

What is Blog?
Blog is a piece of writing that contains personal information regarding anything or everything. It is mostly opinionated and put the ideas of the author in it allowing readers to put comments and remarks about the blog. The blog generally comes in the category of web blogs and should be updated on a regular basis containing unique information that should have the power to attract visitors. With the regular blogging, the traffic to the website will increase gradually. This also helps the Search Engine to get attracted and it put your website on the top rank.

Why Google give attention to Blog?
Blogs, as already mentioned talks about a person's individual thought and experience and mostly are based on true experience and on different expertise and Google, after reading and analyzing all you have written take it as a public view.

Once you have shared the blog, Google will deduct your page and list in the results conditioned you have written it very well. Thus, Google gives blog submission priority in comparison to the other writing pieces.

Importance of blog in SEO
If the blog has clear SEO oriented content, then it will help Search Engine rank your blog higher. Blog submission naturally attracts the search engine traffic. Blog contains the structure that already is optimized. Most are written containing the clear navigation and has links that redirect to other pages.

As blog is written by an individual sharing his/her experiences, it automatically seeks the attention of Google. Google takes every written piece that has personal experience is true and take it as the public view and whatever is considered as the public view get famous. This is the reason that Blog submission is important.

Blogs are also an effective way to generate traffic and boost the better page rank and back links. It helps to get in touch with the users and customers.

Benefits associated with Blog submission:
Apart from the ones discussed above, Blog submission comes with many other benefits, and some of them are discussed below.

* Blog submission helps making the blog popular.
* It increases the numbers of followers and readers.
* It increases the traffic to the blog.
* A Blog can build the reputation of the writer as well and with the name of a company written, it helps building the reputation of the organization as well.
* It gives the writer the freedom of speech. It shares information and knowledge with other people.

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