Difference between Desktop SEO and Mobile SEO

Difference between Desktop SEO and Mobile SEO

by Gagan Gaba

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Difference between desktop SEO and Mobile SEO

Well, the importance of the SEO has already been realized by the entire online world, but there are a few things that still need to be understood. The most commonly misunderstood and confused section of SEO is to understand the difference between the desktop SEO and Mobile SEO. Yes, you read it right. There are differences between these two and people not understanding these are on the wrong way on implementing the techniques of SEO for these two platforms. The purpose of using these two different platforms must be the same, but as their nature is different, you must understand the different SEO techniques needed for these two different entities. Today, we will try to throw some light on the differences of the desktop SEO and mobile SEO.

a) Differences in Search Engine Results
The search engine results work differently for both the entities. In mobile SEO, local results are given priority, and the chances are high that the Google places listing will be shown higher in mobile than to what it appears in the desktop search engine results.

b) Use of Keywords
While implementing the search engine techniques for desktop, one has to put more focus on choosing the keyword and performing specific techniques with it to make the website get relevant in the search engine results, but the thing works much differently when it comes to the mobile SEO. The use of keyword is not that important and the searching of the website over the mobile many times doesn't even need the keywords. People many times don't even bother to go the search engine page and speak their query on the voice search given on the device.

c) Working of Google Algorithm
The Google algorithm that helps to display the rundown of the websites based on the keywords work much differently on mobile SEO; it is like they have the different algorithm working for it. If you are using the same desktop SEO techniques and will see a result of your website in the search engine results, chances are there that it won't be the same when you are using the mobile SEO.

d) Working of SEO

The working of SEO also differs for both the platform. If you intend to make your website appears at the top of the list of the mobile search, you really need to implement the SEO techniques different from what you did for the desktop results. This too has to do with the keyword thing, and for both the platform, you also need to target different keywords that will be analyzed by Google to display results. To know more about this, you can seek for Google Keyword Planner.

e) Page Loading
Page loading is regarded as an important factor by Google to consider a page worthy to be displayed in the better ranking. For mobile and desktop, the results of the website largely depend on this one factor, and for both the platform, you need to favor a few different techniques.

f) Design Factor
This one factor is the least expectation of anyone, but yes, it is there. The design factor matters more in the mobile results than it does on the desktop results. Websites having better design will be displayed in the top results, so, if you are making a website for the mobile, make sure you are focusing on the design a lot.

So, now with these few mentioned differences, you will know how important it is to understand the basic difference between these two entirely different entities.

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