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Jainism & Buddhism – Cause of Origin

by Devender

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Jainism and Buddhism: Cause of Origin

  • Ritualistic Dominion of Brahamanas:
  • Kshatriya responded unequivocally against the ritualistic dominion of brahamanas and vernas dependent on birth. Verdhaman Mahavira and Gautama Buddha both were from the Kshatriya faction and questioned the authority of brahamanas.

  • Rise of new Agriculture Economy:
  • The genuine explanation was the ascent of a new agribusiness economy in north India which depended on iron plowshares. It required the utilization of bullocks and cattle and couldn't thrive without creature cultivation.

    However, Vedic acts of executing cattle in penance prompted devastation of steers' riches, against which both Jainism and Buddhism talked and engendered the possibility of ahimsa.

  • Punch Marked Coins:
  • The earliest coins date back to 500 BC and are known as Punch stamped coins, first utilized by Vaishyas/Traders. The utilization of punch-stamped coins worked with exchange and business, which added to the significance of Vaishyas all things considered.

    Vaishyas were positioned third in Verna framework and were anxious to advance their position, consequently stretched out liberal help to Buddhism and Jainism alongside the accompanying reasons:

  • Both were not one-sided towards any Verna framework
  • Both Preached the good news of peacefulness, which would stop the conflict b/w realms and thusly will advance exchange and business
  • Brahmanical law book "Dharmasutras" discredited loaning cash on revenue and an individual who lives on revenue was not held in regard by them, consequently, they were anxious to advance their position.

  • A new way of life:

A solid response by common citizens against the utilization of coins, private properties, new dwellings, new dresses, new arrangement of transport, and extravagance; Hence commoners longed to return to crude lifestyles henceforth upheld Buddhism and Jainism which favored basic, Puritan, and austere living and requested that individuals swear off all beneficial things throughout everyday life and they were not permitted to contact gold and silver and were to acknowledge as a lot to keep their body and soul together.

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