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Sangam Age

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The time period of 300 to 600 AD is known as the Sangam age. It was mainly patronized by Pandayas and had an assembly of poets.

Sangam Age

It is divided into two parts: Narrative and Didactic.


  • 18 major works (Melkannakku)
  • Mainly on Aham (Love) & Puram (Valor)
  • 10 Idylls (Pattuppattu)
  • 8 Anthrologies (Ettutogai)
  • Didactic:

  • 18 minor works (Kikanakku)
  • Philosophical, Moral & ethical message
  • Encloses Tirukkural – Bible of Tamils (Written by Thiruvallur)

Twin Tamil Epics

  • Silappadikaram
  • It is the Brightest Jewel anklet of Tamil literature written by Elango Adigal. It is a love story of Kovalam and Madhavi (Dancer) over his wife Kannagi.

  • Manimekalai

It is a story of the adventures of a daughter born of Kovalam & Madhavi written by Sattanur.

1 Narrative Text:

It is works of heroics poetry in which heroes are glorified. In this poetry, wars and cattle raids are often mentioned and it also shows traces of early megalithic life. Early Tamil people were mainly pastoral, they lived on hunting and fishing even though they cultivated rice.

These people believed that when a hero dies, he is reduced to stones which reminds us of the circle of stones on the graves of megalithic people. It might have prompted the practice of raising Hero stone known as Virarkal to pay tribute to heroes who died fighting. This content additionally gives us thought regarding military and regulatory framework alongside exchange and trade of south Indian individuals.

2 Didactic Text:

It is the work of Brahamana and written in Prakrit & Sanskrit language. It mainly provided the code of conduct for kings and other social classes.

  • Tolkkappiyam: It is the earliest of Tamil literature which deals with grammar & poetics on political & socio-economic conditions of that period

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