Optimizing Your Blog for Search Engines & Visitors – Categories & Tags

Optimizing Your Blog for Search Engines & Visitors – Categories & Tags

by Gagan Gaba

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SEO is the most important factor for every online business and the fact that the technique of SEO is constantly evolving makes it more effective to benefit the business in various ways.

Blog is one of the important parts of SEO technique and it helps your website get maximum number of visitors and attract search engines to list your website in a better ranking. But, there are a few factors that help to boost your blog and make it visible amongst the readers and search engines as well.

Categories and tags are that important feature of the blog software that aligns the blog pots for easier search and reference purpose. Both these factors help optimizing your blog not only for readers but for the search engines too.

Categories and tags may get placed together, but both of them have their own benefits and features to optimize your blog. Let us make you familiar with both the technique and help you use them to optimize your blog to get better results.

You, of course, are aware of the term categories in general and in blogging, it acts the same. Categories helps the blogs divide into different sections. It helps the readers know that which blog would be useful for which purpose.

Categories often contain the keywords that benefit the blog in the term of SEO and also are incorporated with the urls.

When you maintain a category of you blog posts, the readers, even the new ones, will get to access the blogs depending on what they are searching for. The more organized your blog will be, the better traffic you will get.

Tags are the keywords you use to mark different sections of the blog. Well, it is different from the categories as they do not follow any category, but is more like a keyword.

There are two types of the tags that are used while blogging.

External Tags
External tags are introduced first and are used to share contents on social networking sites. These tags collect blogs from different sites and place all at one place for the easy reference.

Internal Tags
Internal posts serve the same purpose of the external tags, but they not only exists in the blogs and acts like a sub categories and break categories into further small groups.

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