What is the Importance of Backlink?

What is the Importance of Backlink?

by Gagan Gaba

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SEO is a set of practice that helps a website gain popularity and drive traffic to the website. But, SEO alone is not responsible in helping your website get better rankings and many factors run along.

Backlinks is an important factor of SEO and people who area ware of SEO practices know what benefit its draws to the website. But, if you unaware of this backlink thing, we are here to help you out discovering what really Backlinks are and what can it do for your website.

What exactly are Backlinks?
Backlinks are actually links that redirect a person towards your website. In the world of the technology, it is famous as "inbound links". The backlinks are powerful and can be proved an asset for your website. The more the use of backlinks, the more it gains importance in the Search Engines. Backlinks are an important factor for any website because Google now considers the website having more quality backlinks.

Importance of Backlinks
Backlinks, these days, have an important role to play in Search Engine Optimization. Thus, today we are tracing some of the importance of backlinks.

a) With the help of backlinks, the chances of your website getting indexed by the search engine gets higher.
b) It boosts the amount of traffic to your website.
c) The more the backlinks in your website, the chances of your website getting highly popular increases.
d) It is also important to enhance the ranking of your website.
e) Search Engines consider the website having more quality links.

Quality Backlinks
Feeding your website with the backlinks is just not enough as Google gets attracted more with the quality backlinks. Now, you must wonder what quality backlinks are? Well, then here we are discussing what quality backlinks to help you out understanding more about it.

Creating backlinks and exchanging it over various sites is common, but many times, unknowingly, people share their backlinks with the bad sites as well and this can create a very bad impression on Google and other search engines.

The better way to create the quality backlinks can be done in two ways.

a) One way inbound link
This links gibes more reliable and better results and are the links that redirects to your website from other websites.

b) Reciprocal inward links
Thought the practice is not popular these days and was in much practice in the older days, it still is effective. The links are put on some other website to redirect to your website. This has been replaced by one way inbound link.

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