What are Bounce Rate and Exit Rate?

What are Bounce Rate and Exit Rate?

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With the introduction of Google analytic, having an insight into your website and its activities has become easier than ever. Google analytic further has many things and tools out of which, two terms have always made people get confused, and the terms are "bounce rate" and "exit rate".

Today, to help you get rid of the doubt associated with these two terms, we are trying to explain them.

What is Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate is basically a percentage of the people who went to your website but left it in no time. Most of the time refer to the one-page session.

A high bounce rate is often seen as the bad thing as you get to know that the majority of the visitors landed on your website left the page in the shortest period of time.

But, this doesn't mean that a high bounce rate made your page unworthy because there are people who know what they exactly are looking for and once their query got cleared, they do not find any other reason to stay on your page.

The high bounce rate often treated as a problem and it hints that something is wrong with your website.

So, you can take the necessary steps to make people stay on your website for a longer time.

What is Exit Rate?

The exit rate shows the percentage of the people who left the website from a particular page. It usually shows more than one-page session. This means that people just not landed on the webpage, but have navigated through the website.

Exit bounce too shows the actual problem making a home on your website.

For instance, you can know that which page of your website has the highest issues. When people went to your website, and you see most of them exiting from the same page, you can immediately know that something is wrong with that very webpage.

Both rates help you know the drawback of your website, and you can know where the actual problems are lying.

When you are running a website and putting a lot of effort into gathering mass people, you must get yourself aware of the strength and weaknesses of your website and the bounce and exit rates help you do the best for your website.


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