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by Pooja Khurana 23-Nov-16

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A Preposition signifies the position that a man or thing involves in connection to other. Preposition is use before the thing or pronoun yet at some point it is utilized after the thing or pronoun.

For instance:

The book is on the table.
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Sorts of Preposition:

Basic Preposition
Compound Preposition

1) Simple Prepositions resemble at, in, on, by, with, over, under, since, for.

2) Compound Preposition resemble into, upon, within, without, beside, among, between and so forth.

Some Common Prepositions:

Among, Between

Among is utilized for more than two people or things.

Between is utilized for two people.

For instance:

1. Distribute chocolates among students of class IV.
2. She is sitting between Etika and Swapnil.

Beside, Besides

Beside means by the side of, Besides means in addition to.

For instance:

1. Adam is sitting beside Liam.
2. Besides his friend, he invites his relatives also.

In, Within

In means expiry of a time frame in future

Within means before the expiry of time frame.

For instance:

1. She will come in three day. (End of three days)
2. Finish this venture within 2 days. (Before two days)

On, Upon

is utilized for the things very still.

Upon is utilized for things as a part of movement.

For instance:

1. He is perched on the seat.
2.The Dog hop upon the table.

By, with

By means denotes that agent or doer,

means the instrument with which anything is finished.

For instance

1. I'll stop by 5 o' clock.
2. Cut an apple with Knife.

At, in

At is utilized for residential community and towns.
In is utilized with the huge urban areas and nations.

For instance

He lives at Gurgaon in Haryana.

Some More Examples:

1. He was born at Germany.
2. I joined this job on 26th April, 2016.
3. The boys are in the room.
4. I can't get over my disappointment.
5. He'll return back after one week.
6. Ravana was killed by Ram.
7. He is sitting beside by you.
8. Translate this page from English to Hindi.
9. Pour tea into the pot.
10. Meena died of cancer.
11. Switch off the Light.
12. Table is made of wood.


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