Some Useful Sentences

Some Useful Sentences

by Pooja Khurana

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Sentences for Different Condition:

If somebody is doing argument with you on the topic of your choice & poking himself too in this matter then you say him:

Don't Argue. It's a matter of Choice.

If want  to prove your point with a bet then you can say:

Have a Bet or let's enter into Bet.

If somebody is in trouble or in a very difficult position then we can say:

1) He / She is in hot water.
2) For god sake, don't  do this.
3) For carrier sake, don't speak in Hindi & do hard work.

When we want to tell the highest point of the limit of anything then we can say:

Sky is the limit.

When we want to realize someone about his responsibility to handle it. We will use the below sentence:

Shoulder your responsibility.

Whenever someone request that we do anything. Like he asks, "should I begin" or "Would I be able to utilize your telephone". At that point we can state:

1) Definitely
2) Gracious beyond any doubt.

We use below sentence when we need some individual to pay his/her consideration towards whatever you say:

Be acutely attentive/eyes.

When somebody hears something wrong while we spoke the correct sentence Then we say:

Your ears are playing trick with you.

We Use below sentence when we need anyone to surrender any negative behavior pattern and we can state "Make a prospenity....".  When we need some individual to acknowledge any great propensity.

Kick of the propensity for...

When we cherish Something particularly then we can state:

I cherish it like anything.

If somebody is not good and becoming bad day by day then we use:

You are being pampered.

When something or everything is wrong then you can say:

Mend your ways.

When something or everything is wrong then you can say:

1) Something is fishy here.
2) Everything is fishy here.

Sentences related with Quality:

1) He was honest but now he is dishonest.
2) He was nice but he is proud.
3) I am not snobbish (worst stage of proud) but I think you are arrogant.
4) He is irritable now while he used to be funny.
5) He is caring as well as cooperative.

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