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An article is an adjective, which is any word that changes a noun. Usually descriptors adjust noun through depiction, however articles are utilized rather to call attention to or allude to noun.

Article divided into 2 parts:

1) Definite Articles: "The" used with both Countable and uncountable nouns.
2) Indefinite Articles: "A , An" used with Countable Nouns.

Use the definite Article " The"

i) The Superlative degree:
He is the richest man of town.

ii) The Popular name of state, nations etc.
The USA is the most powerful country.

iii) Name of newspapers:
The tribune is published from Chandigarh.

iv) The name of the scriptures:
The Ramayana is a holy book.

v) Name of river, canals, seas, ocean, islands etc.:
The Ganga is a holy river.

vi) Name of famous building:
The Taj is one of the best buildings in India.

vii) The directions:
John's residence is in the north.

viii) Proper noun used as common noun:
Delhi is the London of India.

ix) Titles:
Akbar the Great, Muslim emperor.

x) Name of unique thing:
The Earth is a Planet.

xi) Before the time period:
The 1960s were a period of student disobedience.

xii) Name of the nationals:
The English people belong to England.

Don't use " The " before:

i) Before the name of game.
Cricket is a popular game.

ii) Before any profession.
Alice is doing engineering.

iii) Before the name of metals.
Gold is a precious metal.

iv) Before the name of meals.
He really enjoyed white sauce Pasta.

v) Before Abstract noun.
Honesty is the best policy.

Use of indefinite Article "A and An"

i) We use "An" before Common Nouns that starts with a vowel sound. Vowels in English are (A, E, I, O, U). But take care because few words have a vowel sound however not a vowel spelling.

a. I come before an hour.
b. He is an honorable Person.
c. An orange is a citrus fruit.
d. An old man crossing the road.

ii) We use "A"  before Common Noun That Starts with Consonant. But take care because few words have a vowel spelling however not a vowel sound.

a. He is a European.
b. It is a useful work.
c. Liam loves to sing a song.
d. I have a Black color Jacket.

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