How to take Backup from Outlook

How to take Backup from Outlook

by Yashaswini 31-Aug-20

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In this blog, I will demonstrate to take backup of Outlook mails as It is essential to have backup of all your business emails and other files that are precious to you and losing emails might put you into trouble.

So even if you don't back up every day, doing it once a fortnight is also fine rather than not doing it at all.

Let's take a look at the step by step guide to take email backup from outlook.

Shown below are the steps to take a backup from the 2007 version of Outlook, but it does not matter as the steps to backup are similar in all the Outlook versions.

1 Open the Outlook window and it appears as shown below.

2 Selecting the option file in the left corner of the Outlook window.

3 Once you click on file, a list of selections appear. Select the import and export option and then the below shown dialog box opens in which export to a file option is to be chosen and then, click next.

4 After step 3, select the option personal folder file in the export to a file box that appeared and click on next.

5 Select the folders (personal folder) that you need to backup.

6 Click on browse and choose where you want to store your backed up data. Then click finish. That's it!

As explained earlier also that taking backup can save your important emails for future purposes and as per the above steps, taking backup of outlook mails is a cake walk.

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