Microsoft Outlook shortcut keys

Microsoft Outlook shortcut keys

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Microsoft Outlook is a free mailing service from Microsoft that is very user-friendly and mostly used in the business world. The outlook is known to have hundreds of keyboard shortcut keys to help you do everything with ease. We selected the most used, common, and important ones for you, mentioned in the list below.

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Here is a list of Microsoft Outlook shortcut keys:

Shortcut Keys
Alt + H
Go to the Home tab.
Ctrl + Shift + M
Create a new message
Alt + S
Send a message
Alt + N
Insert a file
Ctrl + Shift + K
Start a New task
Ctrl + E
Search for an item
Alt + R
Reply to a message
Alt + H
Forward a message
Alt + ASelect the Reply All option
Ctrl + C
Copy an item
Alt + J
Go to the Send/Receive tab
Ctrl + 2
Go to the Calendar
Ctrl + A
Select all contacts/items
Ctrl + Shift + A
Create an appointment
Ctrl + M
Check for new messages
Ctrl + 1
Switch to the Mail view.
Ctrl + 3
Switch to the Contacts view
Ctrl + 7
Switch to Shortcuts
Ctrl + Shift + B
Open the Address Book.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Move between the Folders
Ctrl + Y
Go to a different folder
Ctrl + E
Go to the Search box
Alt + H
Open the Home tab
Alt + F
Open the File menu
Alt + S
Open the Send/Receive tab
Alt + O
Open the Folder tab
Alt + V
Open the View tab
Ctrl + Shift + I
Switch to Inbox
Ctrl + Shift + O
Switch to Outbox
Ctrl + K
Check names
Ctrl + Alt + J
Mark a message as not junk
Ctrl + Q
Mark a message as read
Ctrl + U
Mark a message as unread

These are the most useful keyboard shortcut keys for Microsoft Outlook that can help you in many ways. Start using each shortcut key to know for sure what each shortcut does.

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