How to take backup from Whatsapp Web

How to take Backup from Whatsapp Web

by Yashaswini 01-Sep-20

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WhatsApp has around 5B+ downloads in playstore and is the most widely used messenger app. The browser version of this app is WhatsApp web just like Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

WhatsApp web allows you to see your chat messages and received videos on your desktop. To put it in other words, WhatsApp web is a clone of WhatsApp Messenger in your mobile.

Backup from WhatsApp web is not possible because, it is a browser version of your messenger through which you can see your messages in your desktop. Browsers cannot be backed up.

So the possible way in which you can backup is to frequently backup messages in your mobile.

In this blog, I will demonstrate to take back up from WhatsApp using Google drive.

This backup happens through Google drive.

In the messenger app,

Go to settings > chats > chat backup.

Chat backup allows you to have a copy of all your chat messages and videos in your Google drive and will also backup to your mobile's internal storage. By doing so you will be able access all your messages, files and videos.

How often you need to backup depends on you but it’s advisable to frequently backup to avoid losing your data. WhatsApp messenger allows you to backup as shown below. Based on your convenience you can select any of these.

This is how you can backup all your chat messages and media in WhatsApp Messenger. Backup process of WhatsApp is quite an easy task as you have read through the procedure.

I hope this blog has helped you with the procedure to take back up of your WhatsApp. Please share and comment below . Kindly subscribe to our newsletter for more such useful information.


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  1. anonymous Dec 18, 2020

    you wrote this article to say you cant take backup from web?