How to use Schema Markup for SEO: A Beginner’s Guide

How to use Schema Markup for SEO: A Beginner’s Guide

by Gagan Gaba

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Well, you, till now, have witnessed that people related to online business have constantly been emphasizing on the importance of the SEO technique. Well, this is quite justified as SEO is that tool that can make your business become a huge hit over the internet conditioned that search engines results understand your website.

The task of making search engines understand your website is not a thing that can easily be achieved and with so many websites flooding over the internet, this becomes difficult. Here comes the importance of Schema markup that helps the website get into the consideration of the search engine results. But, before we go to develop an understanding of scheme markup, we must understand the structured data.

What is Structured Data?
Structured data is an information format that not only helps the human mind to understand the information published on the webpage, but also to the robot spiders and crawlers.

For webpage, this acts as a tool that makes search engines aware of the information carried out in the page.

What is Schema Mark Up?
Schema markup is vocabulary developed for structured data and is introduced by all top reputed search engines like Microsoft, Yahoo, Yandex, and Google. This is done with the intention of creating a structured data markup that every search engines could understand.

It is a form of code that webmaster add to their pages to show different factors like images, opening hours of review, dates, and others. Without the structured data, a webpage with the contents make no sense and schema markup doesn't work out.

How does it work for SEO?
Schema markup focuses on the individual elements of a particular web page like names, pictures, added with specific codes that send the information about the exact information of the page. This is done on the basis of the type of the structured data you chose to add in your webpage.

But, all these don't hint that it will cover all the features of the web pages and there are a few things for which the vocabulary hasn't been made yet. All these help your website to get into the better results of the search engines. This largely affects the SEO techniques you are implementing.

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