What is Google Places and How it Works?

What is Google Places and How it Works?

by Gagan Gaba

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Google has launches so many things to ease your purpose of the business that many of us stay unaware with the most of them. One of the great tools that Google has launched is Google Places and not many have realized its importance until in recent days, business owners have started investing their efforts in optimizing the Google places.

What is Google Places?
Google places was designed with the aim of helping the people get more relevant local results and as well enabling the business to create free Google Business directory listing.

How does it work?
Google places can be accessed after you have signed in up and the tasks involved in the signing up process is quite easier and you will be asked with few essential details. It works on providing the relevant details of the localized business. The advantage that it draws to your business is that when a customer is searching for a particular business type followed with the location, the websites listed on the Google Places will position higher in the results next to the Google local map.

How it works on ranking the local business searches?
There are of course many elements on which the Google places work to generate the relevant results. While most of them are unknown, four factors have been discovered till date and those are:

a) Closeness
This is the simplest way and it determines the factor on how your business is close to the search and the location used by the customer.

b) Optimized Google Place Listing
The effectively optimized Google Place listing is likely to appear in a better rank of the Google search engine results. You can get in the list of the better optimized Google places listing by providing all the correct and authentic information about your business.

c) Citation
Citations are the reference of your business and related information that are found on the hundreds of the local directories and that shows the data to the Google. So, make sure that the citations you are providing is all of high quality as this factor is something that create or ruin your image on Google.

d) Reviews
Reviews act as the eye-opener for many customers and also play a major role in the Google places rankings. It is really important to know what people are saying about you and your services.

Benefits of using Google places
There are more than you can think benefits associated with Google places and some of them are just mentioned below.

* Reach millions of people
Millions of people out there are perhaps looking for the similar services you are providing and chances are there that they will end up hiring other with the top listing. So, when you are using Google places, it creates a good impression of the impression on the search engines as well, and it will certainly show a great impact on your website ranking.

* Easy to manage
Google places are easy to maintain, and you can edit your listing anytime. The best part is that even if you don't have a website, you can still make your presence there and improves how your business is doing.

* Cost effective
Google places and its many of the options come for free, and you can easily use them to build an online reputation even if you don't have an online business with adding photos, videos, and custom categories.

So, now you know why Google Places is an important factor towards your journey to success.

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