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Portable Document Format (PDF)

by Monika Dadool 18-Mar-19

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PDF (Portable Document Format) stands for Portable Document Format i.e. A multi-platform format developed by Adobe Acrobat. It is trending file format capable of capturing entire elements of a document into one electronic image which can be further used for the view, print, and navigation. One can easily coverts document of any application into PDF format.

it can be opened on any operating systems, mobile devices only required to download an open source software named as a PDF reader. The most interesting feature of the PDF is the layout of the document remains identical.

PDF's are specifically designed for document sharing, saving, and publications. Because it retains original quality and layout of the files that is why it has been used in magazine articles, flyers, where original graphics appearance is on priority.

Strengths of PDF:

  • PDF's permits integration of text, hyperlinks, interactive buttons, fonts, images etc. and also preserve formatting across networks
  • PDF's can be easily compressed thus, ideal for document distribution across the internet
  • PDF's follows entire legal specifications
  • Read-only document that never modified without leaving electronic footprints unlike other formats such as TIFF and GIF
  • PDF's permits document-based security which in turn prevents hacking and applicable for emailing
  • Multi-platform friendly
  • Preserves entire visual parameters of the document
  • Mobility
  • Portability

Disadvantages of PDF:

a) PDF Documents are not always entirely integrated into websites.

b) There is a need for plug-in installed in browsers before downloading and view.

c) PDF's failed in collaborative aspects because of the un-editable nature.


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