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What is an IP Address ?

If you don’t know what is an IP address then it is not a surprising thing because most of the computer users don’t know this, even 90% of the computer users don’t know how an IP address looks like. Just like you have the address of your house from where you can send or receive several things; in the same manner, IP does the work.

IP address stands for Internet Protocol address which is nothing but the address (in numeric form) of your device from where you can send or receive some data or emails. Each device that connects to the internet has its own unique IP address.

An IP address looks like There are 2 types of IP address, IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 consists of 4 sets of number ranging from 0-256 separated by dots (.) whereas IPv6 made up of 8 groups of four hexadecimal digits sets of number separated by a colon (:).

What is the importance of the IP Address ?

Just like you know the importance of your house address, same the IP address has. The importance of IP address in computer networking is given below:

  1. Without an IP address one can't send or receive the data from one system to another system even you can’t connect to the network without IP address.
  2. It is very important for the dedicated server user in comparison with shared server user because in dedicated server you have your own IP address whereas in shared all users are working on the same IP address.
  3. If you are at home and your device is connected with the router then your system has a different unique address if you are connected with Starbucks Wi-Fi connection.
  4. The admin has more control over the connection because he/she can see and manage the connected networks even particular IP address can be blocked by the admin.
  5. It plays a significant role in cyber security; the intelligence can immediately catch the criminal by tracking the IP address.

How can I hide IP Address ?

Normally, it is very difficult to get a new IP address so VPN is one of the best and convenient ways to protect your IP address from others. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows the user to establish a secure connection within the network. It encrypts or masks your all data going through your device so that hackers will unable to track and monitor your online behavior, your personal information and many more.

How VPN works:

  1. It hides your original IP address and assigns a new IP address to the different systems connected to your device.
  2. It will block the other users to track your all data flowing through your network.
  3. It allows you to bypass and access the geo-blocked sites like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, and Vevo etc.
  4. VPN provides the users to use safely torrent files.
  5. It protects the hackers to track and monitor your online behavior like history and some private information.