WWW Full Form || World Wide Web

WWW Full Form - World Wide Web

by Devender 05-Feb-22

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What is the full form of WWW?

The full form of WWW is World Wide Web.

It is a system used to store documents and other web resources that are identified by URLs and are accessible through Internet. HTTP requests are used to transfer these documents and they are viewed using software known as Web browser.

WWW Full Form

The World Wide Web is built over the Internet and it the primary tool used by billions of users use to interact on the Internet. There are basically three protocols used by the WWW that are:

  • HTTP
  • URLs
  • HTML
  • The World Wide Web is also known as Web and in simple terms, it is tabulate of all the websites connected to the Internet. It was invented by Tim Berners-Lee who was a British Computer Scientist. He used the NeXt Computer to write the first web browser and as world's first web server.

    History of WWW

    Here is a brief history of the WWW:

  • 1989 - WWW came into existence
  • 1992 - Text-based web browser was made available for publication
  • 1993 - WWW became famous with development of web browser "Mosaic"
  • 1994 - A powerful web browser "Netscape Navigator" was launched
  • 1995 - Microsoft launched the Internet Explorer browser
  • 1996 - Internet Explorer was incorporated into Windows and became very popular
  • 2004 - Mozilla Firefox was launched which was the first major competition to Internet Explorer
  • 2008 - Google launched its own browser "Chrome"
  • 2013 - By this time, Google Chrome became the most famous web browser

  • Features of WWW

    Here are a few main features of WWW:

  • It is open source
  • WWW is a system that stores hyperlink information
  • It is compatible across various devices
  • Is a distributed system

  • Difference between Internet and WWW

    Most people think that WWW and the Internet are the same thing but in fact, they are two different terms. Here are a few differences between Internet and WWW to make things clear:

  • WWW is a system used to store hypertext whereas Internet is a hub of interconnected devices
  • WWW is a collection of servers and Internet is used to access the documents stored on these servers
  • Internet is mainly based on Hardware while WWW is more software-oriented
  • Internet is a physical structure while WWW is basically a service
  • One can consider the Internet as the roads which connects cities and towns while think of WWW as the houses that comes on the roads.

    Internet vs WWW

    Interesting Facts about WWW

    Here are a few interesting facts about WWW that most people are not aware of:

  • The system that was used to program code for WWW was developed by Steve Jobs
  • WWW was made available for everyone free in 1993
  • World's first website is still live

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