Difference between Article Submission and Blog Submission

by Gagan Gaba 27-Sep-16

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The confusion lying around the article and blog submission is something that still has not been answered in a convincing way. Some even go on arguing that there is no difference at all and this has even made the difference between these two blur. Today, based on this ever going confusion on what an article submission and blog submission argument, we will put forward a few points that will helps you knowing the differences between these two.

Difference between Article Submission and Blog Submission

Understanding the line of difference
It has been said that the art of article writing dates back to several hundred years ago and for the first time published in the magazines and newspaper. On another hand, blog writing is a new form of writing that bloomed some fifteen years ago. With the invention and popularity of internet, these two terms got merged and there crept in the confusion. To understand the terms, we should first know the characteristics of both the style.

Characteristics of Article Writing
Articles are written to provide people the information. The writing style of the article is to convince the readers and move them to perform the action. Most commonly, the article contains facts or news.

The Characteristics:

a) Factual - The article most commonly contains the information and refers to the source of the information.
b) Unfamiliar - The motive of the article is to present the information in general way and thus don't have any familiar tone.
c) No comments or remarks - Often readers are not allowed to leave comments or remarks.

Article submission helps a company to make readers aware of the service they are offering by providing them all the information.

Characteristics of Blog Writing
Blog writing generally takes up a one sided argument that of the readers. Some of the characteristics of the blog writing are:

a) Conversing tone - A blog has a conversing tone that is user-friendly. 
b) Comments - Readers are allowed to make comments. 
c) Contains Opinion - A blog contains the opinion of the author.

Blog submission helps a company gets traffic to the website and opens a forum for people to give their remarks. Both article submission and blog submission have their own advantages for the company and the importance of any one can't be ignored and both should be updated and posted on a regular basis.


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