SEO Fundamentals for Web Developers and Designers

SEO Fundamentals for Web Developers and Designers

by Gagan Gaba

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In this fast evolving world of technology and particularly the world of the internet, it is important to follow the pace and do what the world of internet is demanding. The internet has given a new and a wider platform to the company owners to reach the maximum audience and offer their services at a global level. With this wider platform, world realized the importance of website as a powerful and attractive website acts as a front face of the company.

But, people often forget that the world of the internet is immensely crowded and it is important to stay on the top and most importantly to stay visible. A website no doubt is a crucial thing, but making your website visible in the search engine results is something that decides the amount of traffic your website will receive.

The use of SEO is that technique that can help you get visible amongst the audience and also an SEO optimized website gets the best ranking results in the search engine results.

With this, here we are sharing some of the fundamental SEO techniques that web developers and designers often forget to implement and this makes the website stay in oblivion for a longer time.

Speed of the website: The most important SEO factor for any web developer is to get aware of the time the website or a web page takes to get load. The loading speed of the website has been claimed as an important factor by the Google itself and it cats as a ranking factor in the Google's Algorithm.

An Optimized Site Map: It is highly important for the developer to create a right site map and it should contain all the necessary pages. It should only have 100 to 150 links and having more than that can split the map into the additional site maps.

Right way to redirect for SEO: Web developers should be aware of the proper and right way to implement each type of the "redirect" and this is often known as the URL forwarding. It is a technique of making a web page appears under more than one URL address.

Internal Linking of the website: When your website lacks creativity or it lacks the website's information then it can result into the poor internal linking.

Well, there must be more than these basic techniques, but these are some of the fundamentals techniques that should be implemented while designing and developing of the website.

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