What is Google Analytics & why we use it?

What is Google Analytics & why we use it?

by Gagan Gaba

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The internet is a big world with diverse things to do and information to access and so diverse is the users. Many people with the rising popularity of the internet have opted to the online business and even here the competition stays intense and tough. It becomes difficult to know what exactly the people are looking out for and how to reach the right customer at the right time.

To know the type of audiences crawling on the internet and what they are looking for can become a key factor for the success of your website. But, that is not something you would know without doing anything and the only way to discover this important fact is by studying and analyzing the traffic of your website. The traffic of the website can be studied and analyzed with the Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?
The Google analytic has been developed by the well-renowned name Google itself. It offers the service for free and any website owner can track down the result of the statistics of the traffic to their website. This is done for the internet marketing purpose and anyone having a Google account can access it.

Of course, there is plenty of software for tracking down the statistics of your website, but nothing can beat down the efficiency of Google Analytics.

Once you know that what Google analytics are, you might be wondering that why do you need to use? To help you out, we are providing below a few features and factors that make the use of Google analytics very evident.

a) It displays who visits your website along with the geographical location, the browser they used, their screen resolution, and the language they speak, etc.
b) The activities performed by the visitors when they were on your website. You can also know the time when your website had most of the visitors. With this, you can choose the perfect time to publish new posts on your website.
c) You can track down the duration of the time the visitors were on your website.
d)  From where did they arrive in your website, through the search engines or social networking sites, a link shared from other people or anything else.
e) You can know which links were clicked and how many users clicked on any specific link.

With so many factors of Google Analytics, you can easily boost the popularity of your website.

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