PHP Syntax

by Lalita 24-Nov-15

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PHP is a common purpose server side scripting language that was specially designed for web development to generate dynamic web pages. To learn PHP, it is most essential to know about PHP syntax which helps to build a web page.

PHP syntax is easy and clean. If you already aware with the programming language, you will get the PHP uncomplicated to pick up.

On the other hand, if you have no any experience in programming, you will find PHP a great experience as your first step in the programming field.

Its simple nature blended with its powerful effect online is enough to leave you amazed.

PHP Syntax

Normally, PHP syntax starts with <?php and close with ?> and the other essential PHP code will be written between the starting and closing tags. These PHP code containing files will be saved with PHP extension that is .php.

The PHP syntax is similar to some other language syntax like C, C++, etc.

Example :

echo "Good Morning India";

RESULT: Good Morning India

You can see the above example in which the program starts with <?php and close with ?> and the inner code written between the starting and closing tag.

By this way, a beginner can start his practice and make small PHP programs which help to enhance the knowledge and experience in PHP development.


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