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PHP while / do..while / for loop / foreach


In programming, it is often essential to replicate the same block of code a given number of times, or until a definite state is met.

This can be accomplished by using looping statements. PHP supports four major looping statements:

PHP have four looping types:

while - loop through a block of code if and as long as particular condition is true

do..while - loop through a block of code once, and then repeats the loop as long as the particular condition is true

for loop - loop through a block of code a specified number of times

foreach - loop through a block of code for each element in an array

while loop

while(condition is true)
code to be executed;

do..while loop

code to be executed;
while(condition is true);

for loop

for(initialization; condition; increment)
code to be executed;

foreach loop

foreach($array as $value)
code to be executed;

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