PHP Variables

by Lalita 24-Nov-15

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PHP Variables is very interesting, its just like a container. PHP Variables data transfer from one place to another place. PHP Variables start with $ sign.

PHP Variables

Basic Example:

$a= 20;
echo $a;

Result: 20

There are two types of Variables :

1. Predefined Variable             2. User define Variables

1) Predefined Variables : These variables are available in PHP program. There is no need to declare and define these variable in the program. These are following type of Predefined Variable.

Predefined Variables = Super define variables.









2) User define Variable : This variable is declare and define by developers

For Example:


$ontime is a variable and 50 is a data and this data store in variable $num. So we can use this variable for print the value of 50 at any where as per requirement.

Benefit of PHP Variable: PHP automatically converts the variable to correct data type, depending on value.


echo "First Number is $a"."<br>";
echo "Second Number is $b"."<br>";
echo "Result is $c";
First Number is 30
Second Number is 50
Result is 80



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