Top 5 Airlines in the World

Top 5 Airlines in the World

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The last 2 years has presented a sea full of troubles to all the major airlines with most of the airlines cancelling their flights but as soon as the travel restrictions ease, the airline industry has seen the spark again but are you also wondering what is the best airline to travel. Well, here is a list of Top 5 Airlines in the World.

Top 5 Airlines in the World

5 Japan Airlines

  • Headquarter: Shinagawa, Tokyo
  • Year of Establishment: 1951
  • Japan Airlines also known as JAL or Nikko is an International airline and Japan's flag carrier. It became the national airline of Japan in 1953 and is the country's largest airline. It ranked as the world's best economy class airline.

    The reputation Japan Airlines has developed for itself over the years precedes it and it serves 80 destinations across more than 20 countries.

      4 Emirates

    • Headquarter: Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Year of Establishment: 1985
    • Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East and one of the two flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates. It operates in more than 150 cities across 80 countries.

      Emirates is the world's second-largest airline in terms of freight tonne-kilometres flown and the fourth-largest airline by scheduled revenue passenger-kilometres flown. The airline is known for its most efficient wide-body aircraft equipped with all luxuries on board.

      3 ANA - All Nippon Airways

    • Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan
    • Year of Establishment: 1952
    • All Nippon Airways also known as ANA is the largest airline in Japan by revenues and passenger numbers. ANA offers domestic as well as international flights to all the major cities in Asia, Europe and North America. The airline is a certified 5-star airline for the quality of its airport, onboard product and staff service.

      2 Singapore Airlines

    • Headquarter: Singapore
    • Year of Establishment: 1972
    • Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Singapore and it is one of the best airlines in the world. It has been ranked the best airline by many top agencies for years and the world's cleanest airline for 2019. The airline is well known for its robust in-flight menu and entertainment.

      Singapore Airlines has consistently ranked among the world's best airlines over the years.

      1 Qatar Airways

    • Headquarter: Doha, Qatar
    • Year of Establishment: 1993

    Qatar Airways is the state-owned flag carrier of Qatar. It is the premier airline in the world flying to over 150 international destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania.

    The airline has earned a high rank especially from its business travellers for its best seats, services and entertainment. The airline is fully owned by the Qatari Government and is the most reputed airline in the world.

    These are the Top 5 Airlines in the world. We hope you find this information helpful and if you do then, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with the top 5 series.


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