Top 5 Jeans Brands in the World

Top 5 Jeans Brands in the World

by Devender

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In recent times, trends and styles are changing every day. The brands all over the world are introducing new apparels and making the existing fashion old every other day. However, there is one and the only thing that is never going out of fashion and that is jeans. Jeans has been a fashion statement in themselves for a long time and have gained massive liking amongst all masses.

Despite all this popularity, finding the right jeans for oneself has always been a hectic and time-consuming process. So, we have composed a list of Top 5 Jeans brands in the world to help you find the right brand for yourself.

Top 5 Jeans Brands in the World

5 Lee

  • Country of Origin: U.S.A.
  • Founded in: 1889
  • Founder: Henry David Lee
  • The Lee jeans are often described as the most comfortable and durable. The company has found the recipe to manufacture some of the most stylish and trendy jeans providing a luxurious feeling and still being affordable to every class.

    The Lee Jeans is a subsidiary of its parent company VF Corporation. The brand offers its product line for both men and women jeans brand across the globe.

      4 True Religion

    • Country of Origin: U.S.A.
    • Founded in: 2002
    • Founder: Kym Gold and Jeff Lubell
    • True Religion has gained massive popularity over the short span of its existence due to its super stylish, durable and affordable Jeans. The Jeans brand has signed some very famous personalities to promote its jeans and looking at the popularity of the brand, it seems to be working. It has become a million-dollar enterprise having more than 900 stores across nearly 50 countries manufacturing premium jeans.

      3 Guess

    • Country of Origin: U.S.A
    • Founded in: 1981
    • Founder: Georges Marciano, Maurice Marciano, Paul Marciano and Armand Marciano
    • Guess started as a perfume, watch and jewellery manufacturer and retailer but soon entered the clothing industry. It soon became famous for its quality luxury jeans for both men and women. However, Guess is known to target the men's clothing sector and is one of the most expensive Jeans brands.

      2 Levi's Strauss

    • Country of Origin: U.S.A.
    • Founded in: 1853
    • Founder: Levi Strauss
    • Levi's is the most famous and top-selling Jeans brand across the world. Levi's is able to reach a distinctive place in the Jeans manufacturing industry and made itself a definite status symbol. It makes jeans for men, women and even children irrespective of their ages. Levi's is available in more than 110 countries currently and is known to be producing some of the best and affordable jeans in the world.

      1 Gucci

    • Country of Origin: Italy
    • Founded in: 1921
    • Founder: Guccio Gucci

    Gucci, the top jeans brand in the world. It has been dominating the market for quite some time now. It has secured a special place in the heart of customers by their no sacrifice policy on the quality of their all products.

    Gucci's apparel is considered to be a status symbol and an item of luxury. Gucci has coped up with the changing trends and that is why it has become the top jeans brand in the world.

    Jeans are everybody's favourite irrespective of age, gender and class. This is the list of Top 5 Jeans Brands in the world. All these brands are very reputed in the market and we have taken many things into account to rank them. If you find this information useful, please let us know in the comment section.


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