10 Writing Tips for Bloggers

10 Writing Tips for Bloggers

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I hope by now, everyone who have been reading and following my Blogs on Blogging, have started Blogging too. And for those who are already seasoned Bloggers, hopefully, you have benefitted in some way from my Blogs also.

I have already shared with you my tips and tricks of successful Blogging and another one on the important checkpoints of Blogging.

As I've stressed before, Blogging requires Commitment and a Positive Mindset. I believe that anyone and everyone is capable of Blogging. All of us have something that we are passionate about.

Some topic that we love to talk, learn, and discuss. And writing those thoughts and ideas down and sharing them with the world is called Blogging.

Well, at least according to me it is.

Traditionally Blogging has always been in the text (written) form. But as of late Blogging has also taken a turn towards the visual form as well. Nowadays we can see a lot of people making Video Blogs, and its called a VLOG. Quite a catchy name.

Definitely there are many finer and technical aspects to Blogging. I have explained the technical aspects in my previous Blogs and I hope that you got a fair idea about them.

If in any case, you do have any questions or doubts regarding any of the points, I welcome you to send me your queries and I will answer them all to the best of my knowledge.

Another aspect of Blogging that one cannot overlook is that Blogging is also a means to earn a passive income. If you go through the statistics of Blogging, the numbers are mind-boggling. Many Bloggers have become famous and celebrities in their own right!

The heart and soul of Blogging are in its Content. Like I've said before Blogging is You talking about your thoughts, your views, your ideas, your experiences, and your own unique way.

In this blog, I'm going to share with you my ten writing tips for Bloggers

1 Create your own website

If you're really willing to put in your best and want to peruse Blogging seriously, then you need to have your own Website. Yes, it will cost you a minimal amount of money, but it won't take you much time to set it up. With your own website, you'll be able to do your own unique personal branding, design it according to your own style, with your own unique URL.

Your website will be under your control and any changes or updates, like adding adverts and affiliates will be done by you. Plus, the fact that you can monitor the statistics of your Blog, Website, and your audience's preferences.

There are websites and other platforms online, that lets you publish your Blogs. However, once your Blog is published on these sites, you have no control either on the Blog nor on your audience.

2 Showcase your uniqueness in your content

Unique content means writing something in a unique way. Don't try to copy anyone's style, be yourself, and type your thoughts. For example, many people have written about Blogging.

And I'm sure as a Blogger yourself, you too must have read a lot of these Blogs. But every time you read a new blog, you learn something new, you find some more interesting to read.

This shows the uniqueness of their writing. And You just need to discover yours!

3 Knowledgeable and Passionate Blog Ideas

As a Blogger you must, first of all, understand that, whatever topic you choose to Blog on, you should be passionate about it.

Do your research on the topic. Make sure that you have your facts correct. Check and recheck every fact that you are going to publish. It is crucial that you do not post anything false and made up. This will lead to you losing your credibility as a Blogger.

Read up on other Blogs written on the same topic, so that you don't end up writing in the same style. Even if it's a live example, research it to be sure. Also keep in mind that whatever topic you choose to blog about, you will be writing quite a few posts about it on a regular basis.

So choose a subject that you can write a lot about.

4 Powerful Heading & an Impactful Opening

Your Blog heading is the one main factor, that is going to pull your audience into your Blog. Your topic will be doing a major part in capturing your audience's attention, however, it's your headline that is going to lure them into reading more about it. Don't make it lengthy or over complicated and make sure that's it's a powerful one and to the point.

Next is your opening paragraph. This will determine how many of your readers decide to continue reading your blog and how many will leave.

Real-Time Example:

Just like in Cricket, an impactful performance by the Opening Batsman paves way for the whole team to follow, so does your opening paragraph of the Blog. The stronger the opening, the better the whole team/Blog performs. Keep your opening real.

Talk about your personal experience with real-life examples regarding the topic. You need to show your audience why you are passionate about it and what made you want to Blog about it. If you succeed in that, the rest is smooth sailing all the way.

5 Shaping your Content

Your Blog content should be consistent with your research. Facts and figures used should be accurate as well as the descriptions. Make a habit of having bullet points in your content, while explaining certain sub-topics. This makes it easier and comfortable for others to read and understand the points of the Blog.

There are absolutely no limitations on the size of your blog, as long as you get your thoughts, ideas, and points across. It is also fine to use elaborate words in your Blog, but keep your language simple. I have always believed that Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.

Your audience wants to connect with you, and that's possible when they feel you talking to them through your Blog as a friend. Insert something funny into your Blog every now and then. Also, make it a point to ask questions in between your topics, this keeps your audience intrigued to answer them or find out the answers from you or other readers.

The use of examples in your Blog is also an important point to note. People tend to understand a point better when explained with an example. Real-life examples receive more interactions from your audience, rather than just plain old boring ones.

The use of images in your blog is another effective way to get your audience's attention. I have noticed that people always find an image more interesting than words. Besides this, the use of images greatly enhances the quality of a Blog. And a blogger should use this to his/her advantage.

6 Who is your Target Audience

I have in my previous Blog, stressed and explained the need to identify your target audience. You may have a great topic, amazing content with outstanding examples and images. And it looks and feels great to have your Blog ready for publishing.

But all this will mean nothing if you don't target it to the right audience. Trust me, every Blogger has had their fair share of disappointments in this department. You need to see who shares your passion on the topic, who is excited to read and interact on the topic. It will take some research to find that niche of people who share this with you. It's always better to have a large audience for your Blog, however, I believe that sometimes a small group of people who are interested and captivated with your Blog is more beneficial.

A loyal audience will help you grow as a Blogger as well. And that's why I stress the point of picking your target audience very carefully and decisively. Cause at the end of the day it really doesn't make sense if you trying to sell a Chicken Burgers to a Vegan!

7 Embedding YouTube Videos and Social Media Buttons

Making a short YouTube video introduction of your Blog is always a beneficial idea for a Blogger. This is a good idea when you're making a Blog and not a Vlog. Vlog would entail you to do your entire topic by video. Besides it also gives your Blog a kind of extra finesse to it.

Adding Social Media share buttons to your blog helps you to expand your reach. Your audience might want to share your Blog with others and having the various social media share buttons readily available makes it easier for them to share it.

Also, the social media buttons can be used to direct the audience to your social media platforms too.

8 Customer Feedback

Getting feedback for your Blog not only gives you an insight into its performance but also helps you to understand where you went right and where you went wrong. It is essential to add a section at the end of your blog, to ask for suggestions, or any questions that the reader might have.

You should also encourage your audience to ask you questions on specific topics as well. Interaction with your audience not only gives you feedback on how your Blog is doing, but it also helps you as a Blogger to connect on various levels with them.

9 Proof Reading your Blog

Once your Blog is done and ready for publishing, its essential that you Proof Read it. My suggestion is that after finishing your Blog, take a break. Close your laptop/PC and just walk away for a while. You'll be more likely to miss some mistakes because your mind has been focusing on your writing all this time. Come back with fresh eyes and minds to proofread it.

Read every word and line of the Blog, for any mistakes. And make sure that every sentence is grammatically correct.

You can use the Grammarly tool for Proof Reading as well.

Proofreading is also to make sure that all your spellings, punctuation are correct. I personally have always felt, that reading out aloud helps me find any mistakes much faster than just reading it.

10 Updating your Blog

Now that your Blog has been published and its well on its way to becoming popular, updating it on a regular basis is important as well. Just like companies provide their customers with an "After Sales Customer Service", so should you.

With your Blog getting more and more views, definitely people will have their opinions to share. They will share it in the form of comments, suggestions, and/or reviews in the feedback section of your Blog.

Be prepared for all kinds of comments and don't let the negative ones demoralize you. Reply to them in a dignified manner. We've all been through the same at one time or another.

Keeping a tab on all the feedback and replying to every one of them is a must. In this way, your readers will know that you are a genuine Blogger and not just a part-time writer.

Plus, you will also get a feel of who and what your audience is all about. And as such, it will also in many cases help you get a new idea, from your existing audience, for your potential next Blog!

As always, in the end, I would again say that Blogging is all about Commitment and a Positive Attitude.

"I can't understand from where to start Blogging" This is the most frequent question that I get asked by my subscribers.

My reply to them is the same "Just start typing on a topic as if you were talking about it with your friend"

All the steps you need to follow to become a Blogger, have been explained by me in my series of blogs on the same subject. I would recommend that you read my ideas and points on how to be a successful blogger, to understand in-depth before you start Blogging.

And if there are any aspects in my Blogs, that I did not cover, or if anyone has a specific question regarding any of my points, or any other Blogging related query, kindly drop your questions in the Comments box and I'll answer them as best as I can.

In the words of David Brine (American Scientist & Author)

"The best time to act on this was decades ago. The second-best times is NOW!"

So, Let's get Blogging!

I would love to get your feedback and questions/comments regarding this Blog on my Tips & Tricks for Successful Blogging.

If anyone of you have just started Blogging, or are seasoned Bloggers, you are welcome to share your ideas here as well.

Also, keep sharing our Blogs with others as well, so that they too can benefit from it and become successful Bloggers.

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