What Is Conference Room Booking System?

What Is Conference Room Booking System?

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You can't just walk aimlessly around the office looking for signs that show which rooms are available. A worse option is to wait for a sign of life before claiming ownership of the space.

What Is Conference Room Booking System?

Your workplace management platform will help you gather and access information about how much space you really need and how it is being used. So, how do you select a workplace management software that fits your business needs? Are there hardware pieces for each room's outside as well?

When searching for meeting rooms, should Hardware, Software, or Both be included?

It is important to determine whether you want software or hardware for your meeting room reservation system when you begin your search. It can be exciting to have interactive hardware outside of meeting rooms and offices, but it can be costly and will not provide you as much value as the software does. Therefore, your first priority should be software.

  • Management of conference rooms with software:
  • Compatible with desktop platforms or mobile apps, intuitive and top-notch software can replace the need for hardware.

    The key to finding the perfect meeting room and desk booking system is to find a platform that meets your needs in terms of tools and amenities. The solution offers a variety of features, including high-level administration tools, multiple booking options, and the ability to manage spaces easily.

    There are some software companies that produce and own hardware that is associated with their software like deskflex.com. In other cases, hardware companies partner with software companies, so that regardless of how you do it, you're still able to access something from a single source.

  • Management of Conference Rooms with Hardware:
  • We advise you to explore hardware options to complement your software.

    If you're looking to decorate your desks or meeting rooms, QR Codes or ID screens may be an affordable option. It is possible that you might like to have digital, interactive signage outside conference rooms or on the lobby wall of your building.

    QR Codes can be made free of charge and placed outside every desk, office, collaboration space, or conference room. You can scan a QR Code with the mobile app of your software to see if the room is available, then claim it for the duration needed.

    In addition to the interactive ID screens, ID screens offer a simple, affordable, non-interactive option that updates its information when linked to the platform.

    The best way to communicate information in meeting rooms might be through an interactive digital sign. The displays can show upcoming reservations and book, check-in, as well as let you know when rooms become available.

    In addition, having a Lobby Kiosk as one of the first things workers see when they enter the building can help them manage reservations more easily, as well as prompt them to check-in or reserve a spot before beginning work.

    End-User Features of Meeting Room Booking Software

  • Intuitive
  • Most people don't have the time to learn new software because they're so busy every day. A system that doesn't require training is the best option for desks and meeting rooms. The one where the user looks at it and gets it - since it's like the other services they use such as Airbnb and Facebook. There is no confusion or complication with the interface.

  • Not a lot of change
  • Required as some employees dislike change, even if there is no training necessary. In order to continue using a well-known platform, users of the right meeting room booking system should integrate it with commonly used platforms, such as Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and Teams.

    When you use Microsoft Exchange and your reservation software, all notifications are two-way. Therefore, reservations will appear on your Outlook calendar and on the platform of your software. We will take care of everything from beginning to end.

  • You can easily find your teammates

Since hoteling does not give you a clear picture of where your teammates are sitting. You can easily find your colleagues when you book an appointment room and desk via the right system. Additionally, if you logged on to the software platform every time you wanted, you could see the location of your favorite teammates (or those you work with most).

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