Top 3 Push Notifications Service Provider

Top 3 Push Notifications Service Provider


In the previous blog we have covered the basics of Web Push notifications - what are Web Push notifications, how does a Web Push notification work- its protocol, difference between Push notifications, and Pop-up notification, why Push Notifications, advantages of adding Push notifications on a website.

There are many push notification service providers. Decide which one goes well on the pocket and suits the best for your website. We have given a comparative chart (covering only the differentiating points of the competitive service providers) between the popular push notifications service by OneSignal, PushCrew & PushEngage.


(visit PushCrew)

(visit PushEngage)

(visit OneSignal)

Free plans include
Free plan limited to 2000 subscribers
Free plan limited to 2500 subscribers, 120 notifications and 5000 clicks

Free WordPress push notification plugin with unlimited mobile push and web push notifications for up to 30K subscribers. Known as "freemium plans" as their free plan covers all features with customer support

Paid plans include
Starts at $25/month but for just 2,000 subscribers only
Starts at just $29/month for 10,000 active subscribers and up to 2 sites
Starts from $99/month with unlimited mobile and web push notification subscribers with unlimited in-app messaging
Geo-segmentation feature

Supports only custom segmentation

Supports custom segmentation and Geo-segmentation features. Based on geography, messages can be personalized.
Multi-language feature
Serves over 115 countries and can be customized in the regional languages of these countries.
Helps create personalized messages and have them delivered to each user at the ideal time of day
Support on 10 platforms
Supports 15 platforms
Supports 9 platforms
Web Push Notifications for websites host on Joomla and WordPress
Present for both Joomla and WordPress hosted websites
Only WordPress plugin
Present for both Joomla and WordPress hosted websites
Frequency capping feature

Caps the old notifications and prevents the old messages from deluging. This helps in reducing the chances of your subscribers to unsubscribe.

Support for affiliate marketing
Multi Browsers
Supported on 3 browsers
Supported on 5 browsers
Supported on 3 browsers (on Safari along with Chrome and Firefox)
A/B Testing feature
Present in Enterprise plan

Present in Premium plans

Present in Free plan
Real-time tracking of conversions

In our upcoming blog, we have covered how to install the Push Notification plugin on a WordPress site. We have demonstrated the setup with push notifications service provided by OneSignal through OneSignal plugin on a demo WordPress site of Coding Tag.

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