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Top 5 WordPress Plugins for SEO


Hey folks,

I am sure the majority of people are dreaming about designing websites. Agree?

I do! My friends have purchased domains and built their websites. But none of them has their website ranked on Google's front page.

I was thinking one day why their websites do not appear on the top page of Google.

Now I realized this was only due to a lack of SEO plugins.

SEO plugins are becoming very essential for a website. If you want to learn WordPress online to build SEO friendly website or blog, then refer to relevant portals that are delivering SEO related stuff. After analyzing a lot of articles and reviews, I concluded that people are aware of SEO plugins yet is it a bit confusing to choose from the hundreds of plugin available in SEO trends. To help users in selecting the best plugin, I have consolidated a list of 5 top WordPress SEO plugins.

Before proceeding let's introduce the main objective of plugin that is to integrate functionality. SEO plugins are used to add SEO-related options to enhance organic traffic on your website.

Now let's explore the top  SEO plugins:


My friend has been utilizing Yoast Search engine optimization for quite a while and discovered extraordinary outcomes on her site. So, she suggested me to use the Yoast: exceptionally plugin. It is an incredible on-page streamlining apparatus accessible on WordPress having more than 2+ lakhs dynamic establishments. So when you are deciding to build your site through WordPress, you can implement the techniques and features offered by the Yoast Plugin to gain organic leads. Yoast enables you to control your Titles, Descriptions, and Meta Description, fix keywords, and track them accordingly. Moreover, this plugin is effectively accessible and is freely available you can use to upgrade your Web index results.

Why choose Yoast?

If you want to improve your article's readability that includes verifying subheading distribution, consecutive sentences, paragraph length, keyphrase in the title, either title Center keyphrase is coordinating with your article title or not, etc.

Download this amazing plugin through the mentioned link:


Redirect 301 is an effective WordPress plugin that recalls your old URLs and redirects it to the one refreshed URL to avoid 404s when URLs modify. It is particularly helpful when you move a site to WordPress and can't safeguard your URL structure. Moreover, it is used to accomplish 301 redirections and page migration. If you want to modify the directory of your website then don't hesitate to download 301 redirect plugin. 

Check the given-below direct URL to download this plugin:


If you want to improve SEO then Google XML sitemaps is a perfect plugin. It is a remarkable plugin to enhance indexing. This plugin is used to generate a website's sitemap to permit crawlers to grasp entire information of the website effectively. The unique feature of this plugin is that it is compatible with every page and custom URLs. Furthermore, it informs entire search engine whenever you update a new content /post. This plugin is most acceptable across the internet as it never slows down your website.

Download this adequate plugin through the following link:


Searching for image compression to enhance loading speed on your website?

Then, SEO image optimizer is the best option. This plugin substitutes the title as well as the Alt tag dynamically. Additionally, the entire modification will be finished without disturbing the database. All image compression related tasks can be implemented through this tool. It includes effective features like Multisite support, Ease to use, Translation ready, Woo-commerce support and many more.

So, download this admirable plugin through the below-mentioned URL:


Looking for a great substitute to SEO plugin?

Don't worry!

Install a freely available plugin "keyword tool" to create keyword related notions through entering a certain keyword. This plugin is remarkably fast and absolutely free for anyone to use. You can implement this incredible plugin for content optimization on a website. Moreover, it permits you to receive keyword recommendations from Bing and YouTube.

Click on the following link to download this awesome SEO friendly plugin.


At last, this all about the Top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins. In case you think I might have missed any point, please comment below and help me to enhance my skill. Besides, you can also read other articles on WordPress tutorial for beginners. If you want me to write on any other WordPress related topics, you can write it as feedback.

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