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JavaScript Overview


It is a scripting language i.e. the code of a JavaScript can be used to control other applications. It does not require any compilation phase. The code is written inside HTML code which helps to manipulate and customize webpages.

JavaScript is dependent on ECMAScript, was an organization which has set a standard of scripting languages, acts as an effective programming language to integrate functionality to a web-page. JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich specifically for Netscape Navigator Browser. We can say the core concepts of JavaScript rely on ECMAScript Standard, but it also contains advanced features that are not based on ECMA standard.

As we all know that html is basically used for displaying content but for performing interaction, JavaScript code is used. Through JavaScript, code can be manipulate and automated to create applications such as desktop and mobiles applications.
* JavaScript automate certain program tasks.
* Permits extracting and information storage from a data set.
* It quickly loads on web browser.

How JavaScript works?
It can be embedded directly in to HTML page or we can make a separate file which further can be embedded into HTML page.

JavaScript Frameworks
AngularJS (RAPID Application development)
JQuery (Allows extending webpages or application)
ReactJS (Maintaining high traffic applications used in SEO)
Meteor (Provides flexibility of using one language everywhere)

Understand relationship of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with lay-man example
Suppose we draw a Skeleton of a small boy. It is an example of a HTML
When we make that Skeleton wear a stylish and colorful clothes. It is an example of CSS
When we provide light to Skeleton to move around is an example of JavaScript.

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