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Ports in India

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All ports in India are situated in the 9 coastal states of India. India's extended coastline forms one of the major portions of land that juts out into a water body. There are 13 major ports in India that handle a lot of volume of container and cargo traffic.

Ports in India

1 Mumbai:

It is a natural harbour and the biggest port in India

  • It is also known as the Gateway of India
  • It handles approximately 20% of the total of India's Foreign Trade

  • 2 Nava Seva:

    It is also known as the Jawahar Lal Port and is located in Mumbai.

  • It is a highly mechanized port

  • 3 Chennai:

    It is the oldest artificial harbour on the east coast.

  • It is the second-largest port of India in terms of traffic

  • 4 Ennore:

    It is the first corporate port in India set up to release the pressure on Chennai Port.

    5 Tuticorin (TN):

    It is located on the eastern coast of India

    6 Kandla:

    It is a tidal port located in Gujarat which was set up after the independence of India.

  • Its purpose is to release pressure from Mumbai Port

  • 7 Kochi:

    It is a natural harbour

    8 Vishakhapatnam:

    It is the deepest artificial harbour on the east coast.

    9 Kolkata:

    It is a riverine port and it handles goods coming from SE Asian countries Australia and New Zealand.

    10 Haldia:

    It is developed on the river Hooghly to release some pressure from the Kolkata port

    11 Paradip:

    It is located on the Orissa Coast.

    12 Mormugao:

    It is located in Goa and is the 5th in total handled traffic.

    13 New Mangalore:

    It is located in New Mangalore.

    Indian Ports handle 95% of India's international trade by volume and 70% by Value. During the monsoon season, all the major ports of India excluding Mumbai, Cochin & Kandila are closed.

  • The maritime transport is controlled by both Central and State Government
  • The central government controls the major ports of India
  • The state governments control the minor and intermediate ports
  • All major ports are government-administered except one i.e. Ennore Port

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