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Peninsular Plateaus India

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The Peninsular Plateaus are the largest of India's physical divisions. It mainly comprises broad and shallow valleys with rounded hills.

Peninsular Plateaus India

1 Shillong Plateau:

  • It is a part of the Peninsular Deccan Plateau
  • It is made of Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia hills
  • It is the home ground of Shillong city
  • Mawsynram (the world's highest rainfall receiving point) is situated here

  • 2 Chhotanagpur Plateau:

    It covers the NE part of the Peninsular Plateau including Jharkhand, parts of Chhatisgarh, and West Bengal.

  • Its highest peak is Parasnath
  • It is famous as Patland plateau
  • It is also known as Rohr of India because of the presence of large mineral deposits

  • 3 Malwa Plateau:

    It is located the north of the Narmada rift valley and it is a part of a central highland made up of granite and gneiss.

  • It is a dissected lava plateau covered with black soil
  • It is famous for cotton cultivation
  • The river Chambal and its tributaries turned the northern part of it into a badland

  • 4 Deccan Plateau:

  • It is the largest plateau of the Indian peninsula
  • It lies to the south of river Tapi
  • It is majorly a lava region made up of basalt
  • The erosion of basalt has led to the formation of black soil
  • It is also famous for cotton cultivation

  • 5 Telangana Plateau:

    It is located to the north of river Krishna and is a part of the Deccan plateau.

  • It lies in the rain shadow of the southwest monsoon
  • It mainly has dry thorn forests

  • 6 Karnataka Plateau:

    It is located to the south of the Deccan lava region and is built on the Malnad region in the west and Raichur Maidan in the east.

  • The Bababudan hills that are famous for iron ores are located here

  • 7 Bundelkhand Plateau:

  • It is spread along the borders of UP and MP
  • The extensive erosional activities of river Chambal and its tributaries have transformed it into ravines.

    8 Dandakaranya Plateau:

  • This plateau contains igneous and metamorphic rocks of the Archean period
  • It is spreading in parts of Chhatisgarh and Orissa
  • The Gond tribes live largely in this area
  • River Mahanadi and Indravati flows through this plateau

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