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HTML Meta Tags


HTML Meta Tags offer additional essential information regarding a document in a variety of ways. The META elements can be added in an HTML document to comprise the name/value pairs depicting properties of the HTML document, such as document author, a list of keywords, expiry date, etc.

The Meta tag is used to cater to such additional information. This tag is a blank element and so does not have an end tag, but it holds the essential information within its attributes.

You can add one or more meta tags in your document depending on what detail you want to keep in your document, but in general, meta tags do not affect the physical appearance of the document, so from an appearance viewpoint, it does not matter if you add them or not.

Generally, Meta tags specified within the head tag of an HTML document. We can use the Meta tag with some attributes such as name, content, scheme, http-equiv.

  • Name - This attribute is used to show the property of a document such as an include, keyword, description, revised, author, creator, etc.
  • Content - This attribute is used to specify the property's value
  • Scheme - It specifies a scheme to decode the property's value
  • http-equiv - It is used for HTTP response message headers in a document.

For instance, http-equiv can be applied to a web page to refresh the page or to place a cookie. Values comprise content-type, refresh, expires, and set-cookie.

  • <meta> - Meta tag provides information about the HTML page. Meta information will not be displayed on the page. Meta helps to do appear in search results.
  • <meta charset="utf-8"> - Its used for Character encoding for Unicode
  • <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE-edge"> - This is functionally equivalent to using the HTML5 doctype. It places Internet Explorer into the highest supported document mode
  • <title> Website Designing Company </title> - Title tag display the title in the browser toolbar displays a title for the page in search engine results
  • <meta name="description" content=" "/> - Meta descriptions are basically used for search engine result pages


<meta name="description" content="Web Designing Services India"/>

<meta name="keywords" content=""/> - Meta keywords are used for specify important keywords related to the html document and later these keywords are used by the search engines


  • <meta name="keywords" content="web designing services, web development services"/>
  • <meta name="Author" content=" "/> - Meta Author is used for know about author or who can modify the last metadata
  • <meta name="copyright" content="Coding Tag"/> - It is used for copyright information
  • <meta name="language" content="English"/> - Meta Language used for defined the language used on your web page.
  • <meta name="country" content="America"/> - Meta Country used for defined the location on your web page.
  • <meta name="rating" content="general"/> - This is used to give the web page a rating

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